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I'm Arun Kumar Mishra, Chief Engineer, UPSIDC. Learn about sustainable development from me!

Arun Kumar Mishra Upsidc's Bio:

 Arun Kumar Mishra UPSIDC (Uttar Pradesh State Industrial Development Corporation)., Chief Engineer. Under his leadership, the UPSIDC has forged into new arenas and embarked on great industrial ventures and projects including Leather Technology Park, UPSIDC has developed two Agro Parks at Kursi Road Barabanki & Karkhion, Varanasi, Textile Parks, Tronica City. A tireless worker,  Arun Kumar Mishra stays on task with the mosat difficult of projects. He is one of those quiet, behind-the-scenes leaders who knows how to get things done.  Arun Kumar Mishra strongly believes that there is a difference between making a living and making a life – and life without purpose is meaningless. “Purpose is not just any purpose but one that stirs your soul and pushes you forward to build a better world, not just for yourself, but for others.” Arun Kumar Mishra says.

Arun Kumar Mishra Upsidc's Experience:

Arun Kumar Mishra Upsidc's Interests & Activities:

Building and construction, civil engineering, philanthropy, biographies, sustainable development, green energy, sustainable living

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